Passport Status

There are several ways to track the status of your foreign passport after the interview at the US Embassy. Now more detail about each of them.

Ways to check the passport application status

Method 1:

To identify the status of the foreign passport readiness on the first day after the interview, use the service offered on the website of the US Embassy.

The subject of the letter must specify the number of your foreign passport (with no spaces or other characters). The same number must be specified in the text of the letter, but this is optional. You will receive an automated response in the inverse e-mail indicating the status of your foreign passport. The answer will be in English. If you do not speak English, use Google-translator.

Method 2: Tracking the passport with a US visa through agencies

After one or two days, the passport is usually transmitted to the service. It is possible to check the passport application status and its location in the section “Tracking” at the website of the company. In order to do this, you must enter your ID-code into a separate input field that has been assigned to your documents after arranging the interview. It is on the invitation page for an interview, under the second bar – code.

Please pay the attention that the answer on this website is given in Russian.

As the remoteness the place where you will receive your passport from the interview place, the harder is its way, and it will take more time for its delivery.

If you choose home or office delivery than you will be called before the delivery, but it is not guaranteed. That`s why it is better to call and specify the delivery time by yourself.

It happens that your inquiries to the Embassy concerning the status of placement of a US visa remains without answers for a few days. Also, there are situations that you don`t understand where your passport from the answers. You must contact the hotline of the US Embassy.

What do you need to pick up the passport at the service office to which you applied?

To pick up a foreign passport with a US visa from the service office, you must show your passport. We also recommend taking with you the invitation to the interview, although this is not necessary.

If there is such situation that your foreign passport should be taken by other person from the office, he has to have the following about one:

• own Russian passport;

• a copy of your Russian passport;

• a power of attorney drawn up in a free form, which must specify your data (name and passport number), as well as data about your representative (name and passport number). The power of attorney is not required to be notarized. Your signature will be enough!

Checking a US visa after the obtaining

After the receiving of the foreign passport it is required to check the stamped visa in your passport for errors.